Drake, 40, Aaliyah & Mangopeeler
7.27.2011’I love the third world influence in your art.’-DrakeWhen people are sleeping, we are working.After working a late night in the studio, who would have expected I’d be chilling with Drake and 40?!?!??! After getting a message from Drizzy that he wanted my new Aaliyah Kaleidoscope T-Shirt, I booted over on my psych bike. We talked shop about music, art, Toronto & Aaliyah. Its so inspirational to know they are homegrown Toronto talent, and its even better that they’re really chill, humble dudes too. Love for Aaliyah.Send me a message if you want one. These shirts are Hot Like Fire. mangopeeler@gmail.comArchived: Process, Screen Print, Happenings, Inspiration, Halo Halo Village, Psych Bike

Drake & 40 back in work mode, they still smell like a vacation

Aaliyah Kaleidoscope shirts available now! The black psych wash is definitely topps. Drop me a line, we do international shipping.

We have a late night styling session at the studio of mastermind producer Noah ’40’ Shehbib. Show me how Mangopeeler do.

Drizzy’s late night swag with my pony. Yeah, for real. BOOK IT.

Halo Halo Psych Bike Jam
7.19.2011This past weekend we jammed with our friends at Halo Halo Village in a one-day-psych-bike-factory-marathon. Psychlists, juice, chunes, colour, flavour, homies, footballs, sun tan lotion, Bluffs, shiny things, ponies scraping away time.Top 3 Functions of a Psych Bike:
1. Anti-Theft
Who needs a a lock that costs more than their beater bike? Psych out your bike and theives are deterred from snatching them when you are not looking. Trust me. Who wants to waste time stripping off a psych bike when they can steal about 10 plain ol’ naked bikes in the same amount of time. Or who would be dumb enough to try and steal my bike? I mean, its CLEARLY my psych bike.2. Road Safety
Cars go right around me when I am riding my Psych Bike. For real, with fancy wheels like that its like riding a giant reflector.3. Its looks psyyyyych
I even got props from a cop when I was riding my Psych Bike on Bloor and had Gangstarr blasting in the boombox. book it.Archived: Process, Happenings, Halo Halo Village, Psych Bike

Iris dubbs Winston’s crown pony with a gold and silver leather harlequin wrap. Sexy.

Irie wrapping an 8 colour deluxe on Isla’s pony

The deer head made it back on my bike, this time on the rear with a boombox! Alex sold t-shirts off a ladder, haawt.

Alex spins out my pony


Tets took this photo

Tets took this photo of my pony

Psychlists pimp their rydes

To go along with my boombox, I also had a drum on the side. Who needs a bell????

Iris’ leather spread, yummy.

Winston’s psych scraper bike

Natalie’s pony

A bug’s life

The skid benches we made are also good for napzzzzzzz

Keep it raw

Prince Enoki’s Insect Orchestra

I flew with an arkestra of insects this past weekend to deliver the printed pollen to Prince Enoki in the beautiful Keswick, Ontario.

Prince Enoki’s Insect Orchestra is the musical projectile of the mighty Scott Peterson and posse. Thanks so much Scott for the weekend of clarity on the beach, it Tito’d the collaboration. The more and more I get out of this city, I wonder why I am still here……

The worms are in the compost, having sex in the Garden of Eden decaying past treasures….

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