Top Functions of a Psych Bike:

she wanted to find a home found for some, home for none when we’re done


Who needs a a lock that costs more than their beater bike? Psych out your bike and theives .

Road Safety

Cars go right around me when I am riding my Psych Bike. For real, with fancy wheels like that its like riding a giant reflector.

Its looks psych

I even got props from a cop when I was riding my Psych Bike on Bloor and had Gangstarr blasting in the boombox. book it.

Halo Halo Psych Bike

This past weekend we jammed with our friends at Halo Halo Village in a one-day-psych-bike-factory-marathon.
Psych Bike:

Psych Bike:

Who wants to waste time stripping off a psych bike when they can steal about 10 plain ol’ naked bikes in the same amount of time.

Invisible City


I printed a this poster for my pals of The Invisible City Sound System. They are throwing down an all vinyl psych dance party at Double Double Land