Prince Enoki’s Insect Orchestra

I flew with an arkestra of insects this past weekend to deliver the printed pollen to Prince Enoki in the beautiful Keswick, Ontario.

Prince Enoki’s Insect Orchestra is the musical projectile of the mighty Scott Peterson and posse. Thanks so much Scott for the weekend of clarity on the beach, it Tito’d the collaboration. The more and more I get out of this city, I wonder why I am still here……

The worms are in the compost, having sex in the Garden of Eden decaying past treasures….

Where the mango heart beats…

My footsteps have been in Mississauga, where I was born and raised- on a playground…. It was a productive place to grow up, because there is nothing to do but play, do creative things, have hobbies (breakdance and juvenile graffiti), and play ‘ball. Unless of course you were one of those guys that suped up their parents car, went cruising, and hung out in parking lots.

I find it peaceful walking around my old stomping grounds with my dog Mangoe, he’s getting a lot more white in his face. We are all getting older, but the mangos are still ripe…..

Filipino Tiles

Here is an old one that I never posted, but I’ve been going through photos from my travels to the Philippines two years ago. When I was there I was visiting a lot of churches and taking reference photos of the tiles. I took one of the photos and made a patterned print for wallpaper. Missing that equator sun…..