Pisces Power The Ship
Simple brunch fer simple people:
Hardboiled egg, tuna fish sandwich on dark rye, chicken noodle soup, cracker and blue cheese, power juice with celery> banana> apple> orange> lemon> pineapple>. & some Barbara Mason soul and Matrix Metalsssss

Skybeach Atmosfeel
My brother Daijiro Hama is back from Japan for a split second and boarded The Earth Ship. Check Vieja’s new threads.

This is our first short lifestyle/fashion film for Vieja, a high end mens clothing line based out of Kyoto, Japan. The Vieja team screened it last night at an art party at one of my favourite conceptual art spaces in Japan, Battering Ram. Music by Man Made Hill! Enjoy!

Experimental Films of Kanai Katsu,
Canadian Premiere!
Come to this tonight! My special friends Naomi and Brandon are having an awesome event tonight in our Davenport Hood. You should come to it, its going to be topps. They hired me to assemble a sign for their amazing space since people tend to get lost in these neck of the woods. Find the sign and follow it down the alley.

One of my favourite bands is also cutting up tonight, the arm & hammer concrète duo Gastric Female Reflex. Its pretty rare they play in Toronto anymore, so come early. Experimental Japanese films, good-lookin’ noise duo, obscure event space…..so up my alley. BOOK IT.

TONIGHT! ANGURA! 1960 Davenport Rd, Unit Rear B

ADMISSION: $10.00 (includes screening + performance + 1 drink)
Doors at 8pm

8:30 -The Deserted Archipelago (無人列島), 55min
9:45 – Gastric Female Reflex
10:15 – The Kingdom (王国), 80min

(TTC Directions: Take the #168 from Dundas W Station or #127 from Station and get off at Laughton. Walk 1/2 block west and go down the alley running north to the second door of the warehouse.)

These cups are probably my favourite finds from my travels in Japan earlier this year. I got them on a rainy, grey day at a flea market in Kyoto that happens once a year. I fell in love with them when I first saw them, so I was only going take a couple. The man that was vending took droplets of the rain from the top of his tent into the the cup exposing !

Tea and Ladders
Minae is back from Japan! My good friend and talented contemporary dancer, Minae Omi came over yesterday for some tea with her friend from Tokyo, Sara. I spontaneously started assembling and we ended up taking some photos I am using for some screenprints. I painted this shovel my friend Mark found for me, I hand dyed the silk c0coons and I am not sure where the ladder goes……

Oh Ya Sumi
Back in January this year I had my first solo exhibition in Kyoto, Japan and I finally put up some photos to share. Check out the photos here on my website. Thanks to Daiki and Ooaki, for the space and Ikki for taking some photos while I was in The Earth Ship.

When I came back to earth, a mentor and good friend of mine asked me, ‘What can you take from your experience that really made an impact?’ I responded with a clear, ‘Japan really taught me about negative space. The space in between things.’ She then slowly said to me, “You will not really feel it until 6-7 months later when it really manifests itself.’