No Flyers Please

‘No Flyers Please’ is part of a series that I flattened on the train tracks by my studio at Dufferin & Davenport. It is featured on this great online gallery called Together curated by Maryanne Casasanta.

Snowed in

Finally, we got some snow.

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$100% Buffet

Fortune reads:
‎’A promise of a pleasant holiday’
Far East Fortune Cookie Co. Ltd. 94160 977 2482

If you are the resolution type best of luck committing to them in twenty eleven. ‘I’m juss trying to stay on get my **ckin’ buffet on’

Free Art & Finds

I found some good stuff in the last week, which means I am going to get rid of some things as well. As much as I am a finder of things, I like movement and giving back. I prefer stuff moving rather than sitting stagnant in the same place for a long time. I think my reciprocation with artifacts into the world helps my endless search of things being a bricolage provocateur.

Today I drilled in one of my paintings in a secret place. Its somewhere along my favourite train tracks along Geary. I suggest if you plan on taking it to bring a #10 square head bit or screwdriver. 3 inch screws! Or leave it to the weather along the train wreckage where it came from. Its the first of Secret Rendezvous paintings I’ll be installing around town or by tracks. Go get ’em, tiger.

Last week I was telling a friend of my obsession as a kid, sneaking into my parents room and going through their medical textbooks. They were both nurses so I’d go through the weirdest books of diseases and anatomy. One of my favourites were the books with the layers of anatomy on different pieces of acetate exposing the parts of the body. I think it helped fuel my passion of layering and screen printing in a way. I’d get hypnotized by those pages for hours.

Riding along the smooth Harbord St. bike lanes last week, I passed by a box that said ‘FREE’ and kept riding. I had to go back because for some reason I knew the book would be hiding in there. Flipping through all the books, I didn’t see anything that was worth the load until I opened the last one. What do you know, it was the book of anatomy!

Floor Tommed!

I have been really guided on the streets lately. Lots of the time when I am riding my pony around town, I get that feeling, just go down this street. Something usually ends up finding me.

Saturday mornings are usually my anthem for finds. Last week I found a bunch of new supernatural reference and a book on fishing. I also found a deer head without the antlers (Staghorn Fern!) in Cabbagetown. Taped to the back of my bike, I got the most bizarre stares. Lastly, riding down Dupont I found a discarded basketball backboard right where I got into a bike accident back in April. I took the haul to the studio on my trusty pony!
Tea and Ladders

Minae is back from Japan! My good friend and talented contemporary dancer, Minae Omi came over yesterday for some tea with her friend from Tokyo, Sara. I spontaneously started assembling and we ended up taking some photos I am using for some screenprints. I painted this shovel my friend Mark found for me, I hand dyed the silk c0coons and I am not sure where the ladder goes……

Animal Kingdom

I have been blessed with the arrival of a new kitty! Her name is Shouty Shawty Shorty Personality Plus or just Shouty. She followed us home one day from the parkette down the street and has been living with me happily since. Shouty was definitely part of the feral cat colony or “clowder” that feeds off the Portugese restaurants down the street from us. There is apparently about 20,000 strays roaming around Toronto right now!

Today she was hanging out with a clowder of readymades at the studio.