The Gang

From a collaborative 16mm painted film jam at 61 Major four years ago. Music by Gastric Female Reflexxx. I can hear Shapiro exhale now…

Mangopeeler’s Da-da-daycare

Some little earthlings boarded the ‘Ship with me and this is what happens. Kids are the best.

Hands No Hands

Werd up! I’m in a hip hop video! Ch-ch-ch-check it out! It was for my Times Neue Roman homies, not to be confused with my aweful make-somethin’-o-nothin’ band, Hard Love in Times New Roman.

Thanks to the director Charles Wahl, Arowbe, JR, April and my little guy Theo! It was a fun shoot to be a part of.

Where the mango heart beats…

My footsteps have been in Mississauga, where I was born and raised- on a playground…. It was a productive place to grow up, because there is nothing to do but play, do creative things, have hobbies (breakdance and juvenile graffiti), and play ‘ball. Unless of course you were one of those guys that suped up their parents car, went cruising, and hung out in parking lots.

I find it peaceful walking around my old stomping grounds with my dog Mangoe, he’s getting a lot more white in his face. We are all getting older, but the mangos are still ripe…..


Exploding Motor Car crew makes a fashion film! That’s right, hawt threads.

This is our first short lifestyle/fashion film for Vieja, a high end mens clothing line based out of Kyoto, Japan. The Vieja team screened it last night at an art party at one of my favourite conceptual art spaces in Japan, Battering Ram. Music by Man Made Hill! Enjoy!

Brett Long is King

Check out these behind the scenes of the Reverie Sound Revue music video by Exploding Motor Car. It feels like forever since we were constructing and painting that trash monster. Watching these makes me miss Daijiro so much!

The behind the scenes were created by my good friend Brett Long who is a wiz kid at making documentaries and documenting videos. I want more…..
For Not the Wind, Not the Flag

I shot and cut this windy, quick time-lapse video. Thank you to Brett for editing and dinner, Mairi and Function 13 Gallery.

Huff and puff and blow my house down….

The Acorn

This summer I helped with another Exploding Motor Car music video and its finally online. It was fun constructing and painting those puppets for The Acorn, I think Brett, Winston and crew did an amazing job with the animation. Enjoy!