Drake, 40, Aaliyah & Mangopeeler
‘I love the third world influence in your art.’-When people are sleeping, we are working.After working a late night in the studio, who would have expected I’d be chilling with Drake and 40?!?!??! After getting a message from Drizzy that he wanted my new Aaliyah Kaleidoscope T-Shirt, I booted over on my psych bike. We talked shop about music, art, Toronto & Aaliyah. Its so inspirational to know they are homegrown Toronto talent, and its even better that they’re really chill, humble dudes too. Love for Aaliyah.

Archived: Process, Screen Print, Happenings, Inspiration, Halo Halo Village, Psych Bike

Drake & 40 back in work mode, they still smell like a vacation

Aaliyah Kaleidoscope shirts available now! The black psych wash is definitely topps. Drop me a line, we do international shipping.

We have a late night styling session at the studio of mastermind producer Noah ’40’ Shehbib. Show me how Mangopeeler do.

Drizzy’s late night swag with my pony. Yeah, for real. BOOK IT.

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