Toronto Essentials

24 Hour Loblaws

Survival Guide 101:
Listen, you’re an artist, you’re broke and you live near the Junction Triangle hood.

Secret: Everyday around 7:30-8pm at the Dupont and Christie Loblaws they start discounting all the pre made food at %50 off. Walk away with the steal, save your pennies and leave FULL.

Bricolage Provocteur Tour

Sometimes you just have to turn down this alleyway….

We hauled a motherload of lumber today that was disposed by U of T mechanical engineer students. Your failed projects are our treasure. Its shocking how wasteful people(especially students) can be. I remember working at art stores and helping ‘Environmental Design’ students buy excessive supplies for their projects. Loads of foam core that was just trashed, mdf, blue foam, guh, drove me nuts. Environmental design….riiiiight.

If you need lots of big sheets of paper, the architecture school at U of T also disposes a ton of their drafts, you just need a student to get you in the building. Thanks Damon for for keeping good eyes and flexing your muscles with me today.

Finding the Invisible City

Winter in Toronto is when I get a lot of reading done and do a lot of re-visiting of albums and movies. I recently found some good finds at the BMV on Bloor, one of my favourite spots in the city for reference material under 5 bucks. Definitely one of my Toronto Essentials. Some other goodies listed clockwise….

1. A book about 17th Century Maasai I have been using for ‘llaages.
2. The Blind Pianist, a 12″ Filipino treasure I am borrowing from my buddy Damon.
3. Japrocksampler, everything you want to know about Japanese Psych.
4. Firework, I just recently met talented comic artist Mark Connery. His house burnt down and had a fundraiser and he made this zine about it.
5. Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino, been wanting to read this for a while.
6. Know Yourself Through Your Handwriting, I sure am.
7. An original Stan K flipbook he made for me for Christmas of him reading a newspaper in his backyard.
8. My current notebook and essential Earl Grey Tea.
Earlier the better.

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My cat Shouty in my favourite reading chair. Walls: some found material and prints by Andrew Zukerman and Jacob Horwood

After a day in the studio and some reading, we pass out here together. Walls ‘n such: some antique Japanese indigo for the 1920’s
from my travels in Japan, a print by Alex Mackenzie, a quilt I found in a barn, classic Film Fort pillow case, a jaw from a pighead I
roasted, flattened Mailbox, healthy Monstera Scabiosa, & The Meteor.

Happy Turkey

I’ve been working on a bigger installation project for an upcoming show in November, stay tuned…..

Also, I biked by one of my Toronto Essentials today, the big, white Elephant. A must see for a first date if you are riding around the west end on Yarmouth Rd in between Christie and Shaw. Speaking of Elephants, I’ve been listening to the Thai Elephant Orchestra Record a lot late a night, check out these talented creatures here. Happy Turkey Canada!